The Regency Difference

Specializing in County Seat Communities.®

coupleA County Seat Community … the expression conjures visions of a picturesque main street, children riding their bikes through town on a sunny day, hard-working people, neighbors helping neighbors, chats across backyard fences … a community.

County Seat Communities are where you will find Regency Properties.

Rooted in Service and Community.

Initially a family enterprise, Regency Properties is a company with roots firmly planted in service to and investment in County Seat Communities in 19 states across U.S. The company traces its heritage back to 1949 and the inception of Eades Corporation by Alvin Eades.

Under the direction of Alvin, Eades Properties began developing neighborhood shopping centers in Evansville, Indiana.  In 1971, Alvin’s son, David, joined the team, making Eades Properties a family business.  David continues to serve on Regency Properties’ Board of Managers.

A Legacy of Service and Investment.

Although Regency Properties is now directed by a vigilant Board of Managers, the company still strives to carry on its legacy of service and investment in County Seat Communities. These towns typically serve as a hub for business, local government, recreation and shopping for the surrounding rural region.

County Seat Communities are often overlooked by larger real estate developers because of their remote nature, smaller market size and the unique skill set required to own and manage properties there … a skill set that Regency Properties has honed and can offer to all of their owners and tenants.

Regency Properties believes  there are significant benefits to working in County Seat Communities. Often, property prices in these quaint cities are more attractive to investors than purchase prices in larger metropolitan areas.

Regency Properties Means Value.

Through regular visits and engagement by our staff of business managers and leasing representatives, Regency Properties continually monitors and assesses a property’s tenants, the physical condition of the property and consumer trends within the community.  This diligence allows our Regency Properties team to:

  • Leverage current tenant relationships to introduce new “national” tenants into smaller markets.
  • Stabilize variations in lease pricing and enhance economies of scale by owning and managing multiple properties in the same area.
  • Provide value through professionalism and contemporary practices in property leasing and management.

Investors and tenants can expect a difference in how business is done in a County Seat Community with Regency Properties …The Regency Difference!