Our Commitment

Regency Properties is Committed to Our Clients.

We stand by our Core Values:


  • Achievement through the relentless pursuit of excellence and superior quality
  • Passion for others expressed in respect, integrity and honesty in all relationships
  • Personal Fulfillment working as a team in balance with individual aspirations
  • Seeing the possibilities

What you can expect from a relationship with Regency Properties

Trustworthy, Quality Conscious

Regency Properties manages and leases commercial properties in vibrant, Middle American County Seat Communities. For more than 50 years, the company continues to strive to earn its excellent reputation. Tenants can rely on Regency Properties to provide outstanding service and continual upgrades and improvements to quality properties. No activity is undertaken without maintaining the highest level of integrity in our practices.

Smart, Connected

Regency Properties has spent years developing long-term relationships with leading national retailers, local entrepreneurs and County Seat Community leaders. These connections and partnerships help Regency Properties develop markets and address the needs and wants of consumers with the ability to cater to each individual community. All staff members bring integrity, understanding, expertise and flexibility to every market served.

Effective & Growing, Efficient & Personal

Regency Properties oversees 6.69 million square feet of shopping center and office space in 19 states. That leverage and economy of scale is applied to a customer service style that is responsive, professional and personal.

Better Properties, Best Practices

Regency Properties’ professionals work as a team to deliver the best value for tenants, investors and communities by enhancing environments and visibility. The Regency Properties’ team works together to take advantage of growth opportunities in County Seat Communities and to uphold the best industry principles and practices.  Regency Properties  promises to always provide customers with attractive facilities in safe and secure settings.