We are proud to work with communities, banks and tenants both big and small. Here is what some of our tenants and partners are saying about Regency Properties.


“Regency has an impressive record working with county seat communities, like ours, to attract new retail opportunities and improve the shopping experience.” Robert J. Hurst, Mayor of Princeton, Ind.


“Two of our twenty locations are leased from Regency, and they stand out among all of our landlords as the most accommodating and easiest to work with. When we looked to increase our revenues through the addition of a drive-thru, the Regency team went above and beyond to help make it happen. We couldn’t recommend them higher.” Patrick O’Connell, President & Owner, Aces, LLC, dba Little Caesars


“Regency Properties has been an outstanding company to lease from. They take pride in keeping our store front parking lots and sidewalks clean and eye appealing at all times. Regency’s team will stop by monthly just be sure all of our needs are being met and if at any time you do have a problem, they promptly take care of all issues and are very willing to help make your business a success. From the receptionist, accounting office, business managers, and on up I have always been greeted by a very personable, professional person. I am a very happy, content tenant of Regency Properties and look forward to a long relationship with them!” Darla Brackett, Owner, Darla’s Oasis Pool Store


“I have had the privilege of working with Regency Commercial Associates since 1995, and its predecessors since 1978. I have arranged financing for everything from construction of shopping centers including such major tenants as national grocery stores, movie theatres and the purchase and upgrading of existing shopping centers under their “county seat” program. Throughout my 37 year history with Regency they have been an excellent customer in all respects with every transaction handled “as agreed” regardless of the ups and downs of the commercial real estate market. Regency has assembled a highly qualified management team backed by a strong board. It is truly one of the highlights of my career to work with such a successful, capable company.” Jan Miller, Senior Vice President, Hickory Point Bank & Trust


“Flint River Pharmacy has just completed its first lease with Regency Properties and it couldn’t have gone any easier. They were very accommodating, responded to all questions, ensuring that the process was seamless. I have enjoyed working with them and look forward to a long term relationship.”Ken Rogers, Flint River Pharmacy

Some Other Great Things Tenants Are Saying

“I have no complaints. The owners are very friendly and timely. When we have issues and questions, they are always available and prompt when responding.” -Eastland Pointe

“Regency’s business managers are as good as they get! The best I have ever worked with, very courteous and professional. Regency checks in regularly and follows up with any concerns.” -Jackson Park

“Overall I am satisfied with the management team. I do not need to call them on many things and when I do they always respond quickly, which is much appreciated.” -Village Commons

“We are very happy with all services provided.” -Village Commons

“We are very happy here with everything, couldn’t ask for better” -Southwind Plaza

“We give much praise to Regency. Thank you for your professional and speedy services. You gave been very understanding of what we need to “succeed” in our business.” -Town Center North

“In my ten years with Big Lots, more has been done to better the store and location as a whole. Since Regency has taken over this location. Thank you for all you do.” -Prestonsburg Village

“We are very satisfied tenants, keep up the amazing work.” -Park Terrace

“Regency Properties conducts all business in an extremely professional manner. I have been working in this plaza for 30 years, under three different owners. Regency gets high marks. The administrative team is fabulous. Our plaza has never looked so good. During the refurbishing phase, all the contractors kept the disruptions to a base minimum. Considering their task, it was kept very neat. I look forward to the new pylon, parking lot overlay, and a safer sidewalk. Thank you Regency leaders-great group!” -Park Terrace

“Maintenance of property is excellent. Always clean and well groomed. All of our tenants are good neighbors.”-Lumberton Towne Centre