About Us

mainstFirm Name
Regency Commercial Associates LLC

Our Vision
To enhance the experience of those we serve.

Our Mission
Regency Properties is committed to satisfying the needs and wants of consumers within our defined markets while providing an attractive return to our investors, employees, business partners and communities.

Year Founded
1949 by Alvin Eades as Eades Corporation and Eades Properties

380 N. Cross Pointe Boulevard
Evansville, IN 47715-4027


Management Team
Kevin Hammett | Jeffery Howell | Kevin Rock | Tracy Stutz | James Wittman |

Our Properties
67 Properties … 6.69 million square feet of commercial property space … large tenants and “Mom and Pop” stores.

Properties in 19 States
Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Indiana | Iowa | Kentucky | Louisiana | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | North Carolina | Ohio | South Carolina | Tennessee | Utah | Virginia | West Virginia | Wisconsin

Serving County Seat Communities
A  leader in locating, upgrading and vitalizing key retail properties in markets that serve as  shopping, government, manufacturing, agricultural hubs.

Why Lease With Regency
A diverse real estate portfolio … alignment of goals of the business managers and owners … leveraging current tenant relationships to bring them into a new market … properties anchored by a supermarket or other large tenant providing a strong draw to the property … serve the local community… traffic analysis expertise.